1872 Melbourne Sovereign Very Rare 2 over date 1


1872 Full gold sovereign Very Rare 
Victoria Young Head Shield 
Minted in Melbourne Australia 

Obverse design is by William Wyon and the reverse by Jean Baptist's Merlen.

One Overdate variety exists in the Young Head series of sovereigns: the 1872/1 Sovereign struck at the Melbourne Mint. The coin was struck for only a few days in September 1872 with dies that had been re-worked from those dated 1871. Extremely rare in any condition

The Melbourne Mint was the second branch of the Royal Mint London to be opened in Australia and commenced operations striking gold sovereigns in 1872. Historical records confirm that the first batch of dies sent to the Melbourne Mint from the Royal Mint London were dated 1871. Dies dated 1872 did not reach Melbourne until April of that year.

Records indicate that the Melbourne Mint were depleting their supply of dies at a frightening pace, quite likely due to their relative inexperience in striking coinage. To ensure that they could maintain sovereign production, the mint engaged famous colonial jeweller Julius Hogarth to provide a back-up supply of dies by re-working the 1871 dies and altering the ‘1’ to a ‘2’. A close inspection of the coins shows that his work was far from perfect.

Nevertheless Hogarth helped to create one of the great rarities in the Australian sovereign series.

Coin weighs 7.98g of 22ct gold
Please use the photographs as the best guide for the coin grade as this is the exact coin you will receive. The close up images are of the over date of this specific coin


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Coin Weight 7.98 grams
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Brand 1872 Sovereign Melbourne