About Us

We began on the back of world financial and political turmoil. My own confidence in storing traditional forms of wealth has been damaged, firstly by the banking crisis and minimal interest rates and the huge bonuses paid on the back of this failure to the fat cats, the stock markets and how the average shareholder is the first to lose out whilst the board and hedge funds sell out the days before a profits warning they win I lose, also the political turmoil where nothing is a surprise, promises mean nothing, its ok to lie and what trust existed has been badly damaged.

Gold on the other hand although like any commodity the price rises and falls it feels dependable, accessible and physical. That opposed to an electronic share certificate or a number on a bank statement.

I love the gold sovereign, its history, its quality and dependability.

Known throughout the whole world as a quality, trustworthy gold coin. Used for trade when cash is not trusted or too bulky. In recent times British Gulf War personnel who were at risk of being stranded behind enemy lines were issued 20 Gold Sovereigns to buy food, shelter and safe passage.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call or message us, it will be a pleasure to hear from you.

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e: sovereign.cellar@gmail.com